Real Time FHA Leads

Welcome to Real Time FHA Leads! Your number one source on the Internet for FHA leads!

We have built a premium lead generation system that provides you with the best possible leads. Many lead generation companies are run by reps or programmers that have never actually been in the business for themselves. We ask how can you sell leads if you yourself did not once work them? And this is where we standout from all lead sources on the Internet, we are former American Home Mortgage & Merrill Lynch Loan Officers and we made this system initially exclusively for ourselves.

As seasoned professionals we wanted to see a few very important qualities in our leads and so we engineered the system to ensure the following qualities:

  • High contact ratio. We hated purchasing leads and never ever getting half of them on the phone. With our current system you can expect a 95% contact ratio.
  • We wanted our leads to be Hot and ready to go. As a result our system ensures you get a very Hot lead. We do this by having our software send an email to the lead stating that you are in fact the Loan Officer that will be contacting them. With our system you can customize this Welcome email to deliver a personal message to the lead. This gives you huge buying with the lead and as Loan Officers we know that is half the battle.
  • As Loan Officers we also realized that a lead delivered in real time or LIVE converts much better and are often more open to discussing loan options then any aged lead. We always perfected to speak to someone within minutes of their request online. With our software we are able to have the lead post into your system or email within just a few moments of the lead's initial inquiry.
  • We did not want competition that would cause us to make less money or give up any of our hard earned points. Being the only contact for the lead meant you could easily make 3-4pts per loan since the leads are not rate shoppers. In fact they are begging to be approved for a mortgage! This is where every lead generator online fails today – none of them offer an exclusive lead with the above features!

This exclusive system stayed with us as our best kept secret until now! Since the closure of American Home Mortgage and the transfer of Merrill Lynch to Bank of America we are now free to off our leads to the public for the very first time. You will get the same exclusive lead as we did! In fact we still sell directly to Bank of America Loan Officers to this date, they have been customers of our system for years. To see more of our satisfied customers click here.

Visit our online store to place your order online or call us with your questions or order at 1-800-969-6297.